I still remember where I was when I read this article from CNN in 2006, where a centenarian cited cold showers for 100 seconds every morning as one of the factors that may have led to his long life. I was visiting my parents and had to mentally prepare myself by overcompensating and starting with a cold shower. It was the longest 100 seconds of my life.

Fast forward to now, 2018. I have been doing the 'cold shower countdown' for over a decade, and sometimes it is still just as mentally challenging as that first time! The trick is to NOT overthink it nor overcompensate by making the water too hot beforehand. 

Some days I hardly make it through a full count of ten under a barely cool rinse, and other days I lose track of time during an entire freezing cold shower. My goal everyday is to withstand it either colder, longer, or both, than the day before. And if I fail? I'll turn off the water, dry off, and strive to do better tomorrow.

Have you made the switch to the #coldshowerclub? Give it a try - just a count to 100 - and let me know what you think.