5 Tips, Tricks & Best Practices for Nonprofits & Small Businesses on Instagram

1) FAQs | That's a verb. Not a noun. Frequently ask questions of your audience! Engage them everything from on their opinions of previous events, or fonts for your upcoming fundraiser invitations!


2) IMAGERY | Use pictures, gifs, and sites like Canva.com to create visually appealing words and images

3) DO IT LIVE! | Take advantage of the Stories feature on Instagram! Stakeholders want to know whats going on behind the scenes. Share the giant platter from your latest board meeting! Show the office on a Friday, or your constituents receiving aid. This is a great opportunity to shoot and share a quick video of any action which will disappear in 24 hours.



4) SCREW SEGMENTATION | Engage ALL of your audiences. Create content for donors, potential donors, volunteers, professional staff, constituents. Put ALL of yourself out there. If you're used to segmentation, see the bonus tip.

5) #HASHTAG | Take advantage of trends by combining both #Popular hashtags, and ones which are #unique to your business, organization, or event. 

BONUS: Boost Wisely! | It can be exorbitantly expensive to get your posts in front of all desired audience members. Combat this by engaging your audience constantly, and if you do want to boost or promote content, make sure you use VERY SPECIFIC (read: creepily) targeting parameters (location, interests, age, etc.) to make sure that your money is being spent as best as possible to get your post on the proper feeds.

Have any tips, tricks, or best practices of your own to add? Comment below!