The Luck Logarithm | The Fate Formula | The Serendipity Solution

"Ya know J," my friend said to me years ago after finding out he got accepted to medical school, "I'm finding that the harder I work, the luckier I get."

Ever since then I hear his voice in my head saying this exact phrase, often in times when I need motivation. You see, regardless of whichever name you want to apply it from the title of this blog, 'luck'  - in its colloquial use - has little to do with chance itself. So, then what does luck ACTUALLY entail? Simple. 


If you aren't prepared to seize the opportunity, then that moment which could have been your proverbial lucky break, is literally just another moment passing you by. How do you prepare for these moments? Work hard. Ask tough questions. Ask simple questions. Read. Write. Talk. Listen. Learn to accept and apply feedback. Be actionable. Keep your eyes up and open for and prepare yourself for any opportunities and chances which might come your way.

As I learned from my time in the Boy Scouts, 'Be Prepared'. Not just in order to be ready for moral actions, but the seemingly lucky moments of opportunity, too.